The people behind the cafe and the delights...

Meet David and Edie, the D and E in “DandE.”

Edie (the E in “dande”) - Edie wants the food to speak for itself... and it says “dandy!” After years in catering, she has turned her talents to developing recipes for special dietary needs... particularly food allergies and gluten & dairy intolerance. She has created vegan, Paleo, and even corn-free creations. When she is not inventing new recipes, catering, or preparing goodies, she has been active in other aspects of the wellness industry. Edie is always striving to improve your well being.

David (the D in “dande”) - David is the silent partner in dande delights (does that mean the “D” is silent?). David is responsible for the look of the packaging & website...and he is the first to volunteer to be a taster. If you encounter David, please do not prod him with a stick.

All of us in the dande family constantly strive to bring you the finest and most delightful food with wellness in mind.